En quinto grado recibí “educación sexual” obligatoria en el colegio. Sentadas frente a un teleprompter, retorciéndonos del suspenso en un salón oscuro, vimos números que relacionaban la promiscuidad con la deserción escolar y la pobreza. Todos y cada uno de los métodos anticonceptivos se plantearon como ineficaces. El mensaje transmitido…

Photographs Courtesy of Michelle Robinson

A few months ago, I had the honor of attending Mister Michelle’s private showing of her latest artwork. Falling in love with her creations is an instantaneous experience, not only because of the impeccable style and vibrant color pallet but for her presence, absolutely welcoming and alive.

Michelle describes herself…

Photo by Sarah Dorweiler on Unsplash

By Salomé Gómez-Upegui

I adore slow mornings. On a perfect slow morning, I wake up and pour a fresh cup of coffee amidst the silence inundating the apartment. I sit cross-legged on the couch, staring out the window, and letting out a deep sigh. …

Photo by Ruby Somera — Courtesy for Mindful Feminism

Akiko Eisner-Waters or Kiko, as she prefers to be called, is the phenomenal creator of Cura, a lifestyle brand where impeccable design and conscious consumerism is not an either-or choice.

Entering her recently opened gallery in Central District, Seattle, feels like stepping into Kiko’s home, into her actual lifestyle. Gorgeously…

Salomé Gómez-Upegui

Colombian-American Writer. Fluent in Spanglish.

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